maple wood

"Michigan Robin" -- Original Fine Art Acrylic Gouache Wood Slab Painting

I’m so excited to share this painting with you, that I just finished today! I purchased a few more paint colors last week, that I was anxious to add to a new piece. In that group of paints, there were a few metallics. I wasn’t sure at the time when I bought them when or how I would be using them, but I knew I could hardly wait to try them out. I added some gold metallic details to the “Michigan Robin” painting. I absolutely love the ever so subtle luminescent effect.

The American Robin is perched upon an Apple Blossom branch. Here in Michigan, it’s our beautiful state bird and flower and also, the Robin is our first symbol that Spring is finally upon us! HOORAY! I can’t wait to see one soon!

Wood: Maple • Size: 14" L x 8" W • Sawtooth hanger is attached for easy wall hanging. • Paintings are signed on the front and back.

This painting is available to purchase in my Etsy shop! I accept commissions, please inquire if you’re interested.