blue heron

Great Blue Heron Original Fine Art Acrylic Gouache Wood Slab Painting : Wood Slab Series

Hi. This is my newest personal project, that I’m really excited about. I posted the Snowy Owl first, because I was exciting about sharing it after I finished it, but this painting the, Great Blue Heron was actually the first of my series. Thank you for taking a look! :)

My Great Blue Heron original painting was done in Holbein Acryla Gouache on a gorgeous, maple wood slab. This was the first painting I did on my wood slabs, and I'm not sure why, but I knew that I would do a Great Blue Heron on this piece of wood long before I started working on it. We see the Great Blues at our family cottage on Drummond Island, MI in the Upper Peninsula. I just love watching them hunt for fish, or watching them soar across the lake with their giant wingspan from the cottage window. The Great Blue Heron is part of a series of several wood slab paintings that I've been working on. The wood slab has been hand-selected to ensure the most unique and beautiful outcome for the painting. The paints are a dream to work with: creamy, opaque and so brilliant. The slabs give the paintings a modern, yet rustic appeal, but also suited for any contemporary home for any nature or bird lover.

I do not offer my original paintings that often, so if you're interested in my work, this is a great opportunity to purchase an original piece. No archival prints will ever be made from this painting.

Wood: Maple • Size: 13" L x 6" W • Sawtooth hanger is attached for easy wall hanging. • Paintings are signed on the front and back.

This painting is available to purchase in my Etsy shop!